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Limacon is a small, family-based company located in North London. The members of its team all work in schools and have experience in timetabling, data analysis, options, administration and examinations.

We specialise in creating programs and websites to solve organisational problems.

The Student Sorting Kit

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"I've thrown away the coloured cards and achieved unbelievable results in no time!"

The Student Sorting Kit is an application designed to help you produce balanced classes and tutor groups. First released in 2000, it is now in use in large secondary schools throughout the U.K. and abroad.

The program allows you to sort students into groups balanced by categories such as:

  • gender
  • ability
  • ethnicity
  • special needs, educational or otherwise
  • previous school
  • attitude, behaviour


whilst sorting, you can:

  • maintain chosen positive friendships
  • separate those who are mutually antagonistic
  • group together certain students by user-defined criteria (as for house systems or special curriculum requirements)
  • specify the size of any class

You can also use the Kit to create groups for activity days, sports events and teacher training days.

Visit the Student Sorting Kit section

Year 9 Options

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"Our 240 Year 9 students have just completed their options forms - no mistakes!"

At some stage, most UK secondary schools introduce the opportunity for students to personalise their learning. Often during the Spring term of Year 9, students are led through a series of informative events and guidance sessions designed to help them choose suitable optional courses for Years 10 and 11.

For children and parents, choosing the right course combinations whilst adhering to restrictions laid down by the school can lead to confusion. Indeed, some schools running very complicated options systems are frequently faced with students making choices which are impossible or obviously unsuitable.


Our interactive option sites are designed to present information about option courses in a friendly interface and help students and parents make the right choices within the boundaries set by the school.

We take an electronic copy of the latest options booklet and convert the whole process into an "online event" containing all relevant documents, links and forms. We even include a fun personality questionnaire!

Visit a live Options Site

Other Work / Contact Us

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Our products include applications for use with Microsoft Excel and interactive websites coded in ASP.net/XHTML using CSS and driven by MySQL databases.

We have created many original Excel applications including progress trackers, sports event organisers, performance analysis tools etc. If you would like to try out one of our free sample Excel applications, visit our Student Sorting Kit Site and follow the "About Us" link.

We also create non-educational websites. catherinelima.com was designed for a London-based jazz singer. Feel free to visit the site and book her for a gig - she's very good!

Our Mailing Address

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Phone: 020 8881 2775
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