Student Sorting Kit

We are the creators of the Student Sorting Kit, now used in over 2000 UK secondary schools and in various institutions worldwide

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Timetabling Consultancy

Our expert can help you with curriculum construction, timetable scheduling and the use of Sims Nova-T6

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Interactive Options Websites

We can construct a customised interactive options website for your school to make the options process more informative and entertaining

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About Us

Our Team

We are a small family team. Our developer has worked in schools for over thirty years as a maths teacher, timetabler, assessment manager and computer programmer. Our support and training person worked for many years in an international financial software company. She gave this up so that we could offer one-to-one support to our customers (and our daughter!)


Catherine is English/Spanish bi-lingual and began her career in the city working for an international banking software company. She now offers support for our applications and offers administrational help to junior schools. She has experience with the setting up and running of third party school library system software. Catherine is also a professional Jazz musician who performs at various venues in and around London.


Paul has been working in secondary education for 35 years, first as a maths teacher, later as a consultant for curriculum, timetabling, assessment tracking and Sims Nova-T6. He has been programming since the 1970's and has written many applications, general and bespoke, to solve organisational problems within schools. Paul has trained many first-time timetablers but his special skill lies in the fact that he knows how to make a school timetable of the highest quality for both students and staff.

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If you have a technical problem and want some quick advice, we'd be happy to help out free of charge. For more involved assistance concerning any of our fields of expertise, we would usually charge by the day or half day, fees negotiable.

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